Self-employed and freelancers pay more for loans.

According to the Basel II Directive, credit institutions are required to combine the capital requirements with the risk potential of the loans granted. Employees can record regular monthly pay slips, while the salary of the self-employed varies greatly from year to year. An increased default risk can therefore be anticipated for the credit institutions. So

Having a loan for Account Settlement

The house bank literally earns a golden nose on your overdrafted current account. The credit for account balancing puts an end to this. Read in our credit advisor what savings potential results from a debt rescheduling on a customized installment loan. If it is currently difficult with personal creditworthiness, you will learn what is important

Swiss credit without intermediaries.

Look for an offer to apply for the Credit Bureau-free Swiss loan without intermediary directly from the foreign bank. Do you hope to save on placement costs or don’t you trust the placement industry? Whatever your motivation, our guide to Credit Bureaufree foreign financing contains all the information you need to apply for a loan