CalFlowers Prepares Major Direct Marketing Campaign to Consumers

Fallbrook, California – At our Member Appreciation Event in August, CalFlowers introduced attendees to our exciting new marketing initiative. CalFlowers’ ambitious goal is “More Americans Enjoy More Flowers More Often” and we are thrilled to launch this high impact campaign on behalf of the wider flower industry.

For the first two weeks of October, CalFlowers board members Jeanne Boes and Joost Bongaerts, along with executive director Steve Dionne, were on site in Warsaw, Poland and Amsterdam, the Netherlands to oversee film and photo production, as well as brand and website design. development, for our new campaign.

The industry agrees that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the demand profile for fresh flowers. Many American consumers have changed their shopping habits to include more self-shopping, motivated by the desire for the beauty of fresh flowers in their homes. The well-known positive effects of flowers on mental health have brought flowers into a new category in the minds of consumers.

Our marketing campaign, which will launch on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest in January 2022, is specifically designed to capitalize on this emerging trend. Our media distribution is slated to engage over 60 million consumers in our target audience, “Aesthetic Explorers” made up of women in the 25-39 age group who focus on wellness and style. .

The results from Warsaw and Amsterdam are very encouraging! By working with a team that includes 180 Amsterdam (NL), MindsEye Productions (UK), Tango Productions (PL) and with floral stylists The Wunderkammer (GR) and director Dugan O’Neal from Los Angeles, we hope to have a professional , a sophisticated advertising campaign that incorporates humor, visual interest and a relevant message that promotes the enjoyment of fresh flowers.

As the campaign draws closer, CalFlowers will reach out to many industry stakeholders to help amplify our message to consumers through your own social media channels, as well as sustainable assets such as point of sale posters and graphic designs. truck packing.

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About CalFlowers – The California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers (CalFlowers) is a voluntary California-based trade association made up of 241 voting members in California and 648 associate members in 48 states other than California. CalFlowers works with other flower industry associations to promote the flower industry in the United States, striving to ensure that more Americans enjoy flowers more often, and provides access to programs to discounted shipping for floral products.

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