Direct Marketing Solutions Announces Acquisition to expand operations Coast-to-Coast

Direct Marketing Solutions (DMS), an international integrated direct marketing business and one of the most prominent marketers across the West Coast, today announced the purchase of Mailing Services of Pittsburgh’s (MSP) Freedom. These Pennsylvania plant assets will expand MSP’s reach into the Eastern portion of the United States.

“This is a moment of transformation for our team, but more crucially, our clients who will be able to benefit from the ongoing coast-to-coast coverage which will allow us to provide flexible marketing campaigns to prospective customers more quickly,” said Mike Sherman, CEO of DMS. “DMS is thrilled to be welcoming new members of our team and joining our Southwestern Pennsylvania community.”

DMS will acquire MSP’s facility and assets

DMS will acquire MSP’s facility and assets located in Freedom, Pennsylvania, which will operate under the DMS East brand. DMS East. The new facility will significantly enhance the capacity of print production (offset or digital) envelope production letter shops, postal logistics, and letter shops.

Steve Sherman, DMS President and Chief Operating Officer said, “This is a game-changer for the business, and in my opinion, we’re the only bi-coastal direct-marketing company in the United States. DMS East will enable us to offer exceptional efficiency with unparalleled home-based speeds. We have aimed to expand our reach across the globe, and this expansion strategically will allow our team to offer exceptional services to customers across all of the United States.”

With more than 40 years of reasonable direct marketing solutions that provide a bridge between tried-and-true strategies and cutting-edge technology, DMS has become an industry leader and trusted supplier to clients across the country. The company utilizes a world-class approach, data/analytics, and innovative insights to deliver highly efficient integrated direct mail and digital direct solutions for customers in retail banking, fintech healthcare insurance, and non-profit organizations property and casualty insurance telecom retail and software industry.

Multi Level Marketing and Bankruptcy: A Unique and Challenging Combination

Multi-level marketing, also referred to as “direct selling “affiliate marketing” or “home-based business franchising” has gained a lot of attention over the last few years as a method for people who are entrepreneurial to start their own business with minimal investment. It is particularly attractive to, and strongly targeted towards the parents (usually moms) who prefer to stay at home with their children, however want or require to earn money while doing so.

The design is to establish an sales and marketing team through the recruitment of promoters for the company’s products, or “distributors-and remuneration them, not just for their own sales, but also for revenue generated by the other distributors they brought to the business and creating an “downline composed of distributors, and a structure of several degrees of reward.

The products and companies are usually promoted and advertised through word of mouth, typically in a club-like environment. There are many companies operating within this model, offering everything from products to long distance service. A well-motivated distributor with a thriving down line could earn an excellent living from long-term residuals. However, it requires lots of time and effort to build an MLM business. Certain distributors could be spending a lot of money and time taking on thousands of dollars of credit card debt to pay for travel, conventions, and advertising and earning very little or even no cash.

In the event of having to pay large credit card debts to finance their operations could put them in a precarious situation. Other issues can be encountered by Multi Level Marketers who have previously been successful when the company sponsoring them abruptly changes the conditions of their arrangement for distribution of commissions, when there is a change between MLM programme to the next for example, sales may have fallen from the economic slump or an unanticipated growth in competition. When the issue becomes large enough that the business owner realizes that he’s in a sinking ship and decides to get on BankruptcyHQ lifesaver is an innovative strategy and a large amount of knowledgeable advice from an experienced lawyer.

Due to its nature in the MLM industry, the procedure for filing bankruptcy may not be as simple as it could have been for debtors of other types. It may result in additional objections from the Trustee or a greater chance of costly and lengthy litigation.

What is Direct Marketing? Direct Marketing Solutions

Direct Marketing Solutions (DMS) is a large multichannel, vertically integrated marketing firm. With the understanding of the importance of successful marketing programs built on an adequate foundation and a solid knowledge in evaluating and improving campaigns’ effectiveness, DMS can deliver the best results to its clients in various sectors. In the past 40 years, DMS has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies on acquisition cross-sell, retention, and acquisition campaigns evaluated in specific industry-specific conversion and response metrics.

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