Neck-to-neck TV advertising and direct marketing as leading advertising solutions

According to a recent study by SavvySME, TV advertising remains the most requested form of advertising space purchase, while direct advertising comes in second.

As part of the SavvySME Media Buying Consumer Report 2021, which analyzes a wide range of advertising needs for small businesses, researchers looked at the behavior of more than 940 companies across North America (NA), Europe-Middle East -Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific Markets (APAC) to determine the most demanded media buying streams.

This research examined the behavior of outsourcing in the business community market, SavvySME, with the results showing that traditional media is still a priority for businesses.

Television advertising was the most requested media purchase stream with 20.40% of SMEs investing in this form of advertising. Direct advertising (which includes direct mail, email, telemarketing and television marketing) followed closely at 18.42%.

Despite the supposedly high investments required for traditional media advertising, SMEs continue to invest heavily in these streams compared to the relatively less expensive print options.

Companies invest in niche channels to minimize costs and maximize returns. SavvySME retail influencer Edwina Gleeson explains:

“I have found radio advertising to be very effective for my business. Hope Radio Station in Sydney is a Christian radio station that reached many of my target markets in The Hills District as they were in their cars on their way to work or school.

In fact, of all the ads, this is the best. I ran ads on the backs of buses for 3 months and didn’t get any sales from this effort. Hope radio is a good introduction as they have very reasonable rates compared to your larger stations. The money I spent was recovered from the sales that were generated. “

This applies to print advertising also. Magazine and newspaper ads accounted for 13.75% of SME outsourcing for advertising and space buying, in fifth and sixth places respectively. SavvySME influencer in content marketing, Tam Bui explains:

“When it comes to print advertising, outreach is everything, and you can reach your demographic for less. In terms of the cost of advertising in print publications, they can really vary. To advertise a newspaper on a large scale it can cost thousands of dollars, but an advertisement in a local newspaper can cost as little as $ 70. “

Unsurprisingly, digital advertising came in fourth, capturing 12.58% of SME outsourcing, giving businesses niche targeting and lower cost per acquisition. This figure does not include an additional 4.55% in mobile advertising, 2.97% in paid search campaigns, 2.08% in the Google Display Network, 1.39% in Google Shopping ads and remarketing , 0.87% and 0.79% in Google Adwords and PPC management respectively, for a total of 25.23%.

Best influencer of SavvySME in display advertising, Renee Rollestone comments on the rise of OTT advertising in online advertising:

“Amazon says businesses that use both online video and display ads see a 150% increase in purchases and a 320% increase in web traffic. So it is clear that OTT advertising on streaming, video and games advertising is quite successful.

In a Nielsen poll, more than 80% of those polled had used an OTT platform during their week. It has become a crucial aspect of our daily life, which means your audience will be HUGE. Even if you are targeting a subsection of the audience, that will be a pretty big part anyway. “

Despite the recent increase in online marketing mediums, research shows that businesses are still on multiple fronts in their advertising efforts and are investing heavily in both traditional and digital mediums. SavvySME’s top marketing influencer, Paige Arnof-Fenn explains why the multi-marketing approach has become the preferred approach:

“It’s about knowing where the best place is to find your customers. Traditional marketing including TV, print, direct mail, etc. can be very effective when trying to reach an audience that tends to be older, less tech savvy, or where a lot of information needs to be found. be processed and taken into account to make a purchase. decision.

There are no quick fixes in the marketing toolkit, so your best bet is to look at the budget and put in place a realistic strategy and plan to reach your customers in the most effective way possible. Each vehicle has strengths and weaknesses, so using a mix of tools is ideal with the right message reaching the right audience.

Source: 2021 SavvySME Media Buying Consumer Report

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