The 3M’s of Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing basically consists of three elements: a message, a medium to deliver it, and a market to receive and respond to it. None can function without the others – each feeds the others.

There are many ways to make the marketing triangle powerless, but there is only one way to get it right: the right message, the right market, the right media.

Now let’s see how to make the three parts work efficiently and in sync with the others.


When choosing and using media, it is essential to know who you are trying to reach, attract, interest and persuade, and how they prefer to be offered and receive information and offers. When crafting your message, you need to know who it’s for (and who it’s not). What you want as a customer governs everything.

Yet most marketing remains product-centric, not customer-centric, and most marketing is very broad, vague, and generic, not narrow, focused, and specific. Unfortunately, most business people cannot accurately and completely describe who they want to respond to, who their ideal client is or who their current client is; for the most part, they play blind archery.

I have dealt with many, many examples of this over the years. Let me tell you about an example that is instructive.

I worked a lot with one particular chiropractor, and we meticulously analyzed their charts and interviewed their patients, only to find that the majority of their fee-for-service patients had two things in common: First, they paid with their American Express instead. than Visa or MasterCard, and two, they have subscribed to Prevention magazine. The majority.

In the market for commercial mailing lists, you can rent the list of Prevention magazine subscribers by zip code (as well as gender, age, etc.), and you can rent the list of American Express cardholders by zip code. My client only took the duplicates, the people in his market area on both lists. Because he had to rent 5,000 names from each list as a minimum requirement, it cost him around $ 700, and he only found 27 top names in his area – a cost to find them of around $ 26 each. Lots of business owners would shout “Too much money!” But of sequential mailings to the 27, he received 11 at the office (40 percent response – versus a standard of 1 or 2 percent for mass mail); nine became patients, generating $ 27,800 in immediate income, plus long-term value, plus referrals. That’s the potential power of targeted laser beam marketing.

If you’re new to business and don’t have a data backlog in your market, check with your trade association or even your competition for clues. Or start with your own preferences. Who do you want as a client or client? Somehow get out of the place for everyone whenever you get the chance.

A message

People are more easily and quickly interested in information directly related to what interests them – especially information that promises fascinating secrets, solutions to problems, prevention of serious threats, promises of enticing benefits or timely “breaking news”. It is the revolutionary prescription for magnetic communication.

A good way to think about the information you can create and donate is to use it as bait, and a key principle is “Match the bait to the creature.” In marketing, “bait” means two things: your message and any “thing” you offer to elicit a direct response, whether it’s literature and information, a free service, or a giveaway. ‘one sort or another.

Most business people get bad results in their advertising and marketing because they don’t throw any bait, lousy bait, or bad bait at the creatures they hope to attract.

No bait, this is regular image or brand advertising, rather than direct response advertising. Ugly bait is boring, uninteresting, and unappealing bait. A free report on How to buy insurance is lousy bait. A free report on How to outsmart the IRS and legally avoid all property taxes might be better bait – for the right creature. Bad Bait For Bad Creatures – The Free Property Tax Report, If You Want To Attract Young Married Couples.

Then there’s a bigger problem with baits: Most corporate marketing products are generic, one size fits all. Most marketing is done with generic tools: a brochure, a catalog, a website for everyone. But one size never fits all. What is magnetic is a message just for me! As soon as I see it I jump out of my skin because it is clearly for me, about me, corresponds to me and my pain, my fear, my passion, my hopes.


Your the list of media choices is long, and they keep growing at an infernal rate. So how do you decide what will work and what is essential?

First, it varies a lot from company to company. But more importantly, it has to do with who you are trying to reach. Do they pay attention to and respond to the media? The only sure thing is this: if the media cannot be used to deliver a direct response message, ignore it.

A word of warning: the media you prefer to use, the ways you communicate and access information and entertainment, and your ideas on what to anybody do more or what Everybody does not mean squat. Only what your target customers prefer and actually engage with.

Your mandate is to try to find ways to use as many different media as possible. Most business owners become lazily dependent on one, two or three means of obtaining customers, leaving them vulnerable to a sudden disruption in business and the entry of more aggressive competition.

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